Technical Notes

As a someone with a computer engineering background, I’m always curious about how things work. I thought you might be interested, too. In this section you can read about tools I’m using and list major changes.

14 September, 2015

The Jaggers web pages are hosted on a server that uses cPanel for system administration.

CPanel offers a collection of web applications, including several content management apps like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. This site is maintained using Word Press v4.3 with the new WordPress default theme TwentySixteen.

I added the plugin “Child Themify” and used it to create a twentysixteen-child. Twentysixteen is still partly in development by the WordPress people. By using a child theme WordPress can update the theme and my modifications won’t be overwritten.

Limit Login Attempts is another plugin. I don’t know if WordPress automatically included it when I installed WordPress, but this is one that I would have installed anyway.

The plugin “Contact Form 7” is used for the EMAIL contact page. I added the Really Simple CAPTCHA originally created for the Contact Form 7 plugin. I also activated Akismet plugin that was installed with WordPress by default.

So far I have created these pages:

  • Home
  • Technical Notes
  • About Rick
  • Comments
  • Email

15 September, 2015

I’ve added a Link Library plug-in, and it should display at the bottom of this page.

14 September, 2015

This is the third day since I’ve set up this web page using the WordPress TwentySixteen default theme, and this is the third day the theme has been updated. I had to go to my WordPress dashboard to install it. I am not tracking the differences/changes..

20 September, 2015

The daily upgrades to the TwnetySixteen themes continues! Both WordPress and the Wordfence Security  plugin notify me via email to install the upgrades.  So, I installed a new plugin: Auto Update Themes. It is supposed to automatically upgrade the theme within 12 hours of notification.